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Wind Energy Project management

Wind Energy Project Management is an international minor (Semester elective of 30 ECTS) at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, delivered in cooperation with OutSmart wind professionals. This minor deals with every aspect of harvesting wind energy using offshore wind farms. It is a unique study designed for  with a background in Engineering,  Economics, Logistics and Management.

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An overview of the technical, managerial, financial, political and legal aspects in the various phases of developing an offshore wind farm:


  • Business Model
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Forecasting the effects on the environment
  • (International) legislation


  • (International) legislation
  • Choice of location
  • Development
  • Security as a key design issue
  • Construction (electrical infrastructure, wind turbines, generators, transport and installation)
  • Certification


  • Licenses
  • Technical issues
  • Contracts


  • Building and maintenance safety
  • Project management
  • Transport and installation
  • Sustainable investment decision


  • Availability on the market
  • Management of overabundance