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Survey Educational games in Logistics and SCM

Survey for research regarding Educational games in Logistics and SCM

Dear EFLE members,

Educational games as a simulation of real-world scenarios play an
important role in business, economics and management studies in higher
education as well as in companies.

We would like to understand the values of these educational games in the
fields of supply chain and logistics management through an in-depth
review, classification and analysis of their value propositions.

Thanks to those of you who answered the questionnaire for teachers.

We continue the research. Now we are on the second stage of it and we are
collecting students feedbacks on their experience with educational games
and asking employers expectation of competences of employees in Operation
management, Logistics and SCM positions

I will be very grateful if you can ask your students and use the net of
companies you have to take part in the surveys
Here are the links

for students who played games

and for employers who going to hire people for Operation management,
Logistics and SCM positions

If you have not answered it yet questionnaire for lecturers and would like
to take part in it please take 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire
for Survey of Educational Games in Logistics and SCM
here is the link

Kind regards,

Visiting Professor
Foisie School of Business
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA, USA

Deputy Dean on International Cooperation
The Faculty of Economics
Chelyabinsk State University