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STEP to Russia 2011 – a special focus on Logistics

In July 2011 students from Vorarlberg University were visiting the city of  Chelyabinsk in Russia.

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18 students from Vorarlberg University were on a ten-day study tour in Chelyabinsk region. The tour took them by plane and train through three time zones and 4,000 km via Munich and Moscow to Chelyabinsk close to the legendary Ural Mountains, almost on the border with Kazakhstan and to the threshold between Europe and Asia. As guests of the Chelyabinsk State University, the bachelor students learned about Russia and Chelyabinsk in a comprehensive and intensive program of lectures, company visits, field trips and recreational events.

With 20 faculties and 24,000 students, Chelyabinsk State University is an important center of research and knowledge transfer to society and the economy in the southern Urals. The University is located in the metropolitan city. Chelyabinsk is Russia’s ninth largest city and capital of one of the major centers of heavy industry in the Russian Federation. In exciting and quite critical lectures refereed economic experts at the University on the history, society, economy, industry and ecology of the region and the country.

Students were visiting:
– Russian Railway Company, with the second largest rail network in the world as a strategic player in Eurasia,
– Metran – the manufacturer of measurement , a division of Emerson Global Engineering Network,
– Mechel, the third largest steel producer in Russia.
Students got a deeper insight into the status of Russian technology companies, logistical challenges and peculiarities of Russia’s economic landscape. A highlight of the company visits was the visit of a steel mill.

Professors Bernhard Blessing and Gunter Olsowski introduced the concept of the “Short Term Exchange Program” (STEP) in order to provide an opportunity to part-time students for international experience. In addition to “STEP to India” and the initial and successful “STEP to Russia” they are planning to organize STEPs to China and Brazil. These steps are particularly suitable for students, who cannot go for a semester abroad.

“STEP to Russia 2011” was a great and memorable step for all – thanks to the organizer Mrs. Olga Lyamina (Deputy Dean on International Cooperation – The Faculty of Economics – Chelyabinsk State University) and to her team.

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