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Legal Entity Registration

Membership terms and conditions

As described in the Statutes and House Rules of the EFLE-Association, each member has the right to vote at the General Meeting of the EFLE-Association.

Termination of membership by the member can only take place at the end of a financial year. This shall be done by giving written notice to the Secretary of the Board and is subject to a notice period of at least four weeks. Reasons for termination must be stated. If a cancellation has not taken place in time, the membership will continue until the end of the next financial year.

Fee and payment conditions:

  • Registration fee  New members pay a one-time registration fee of €150,-.
  • Membership fee New and existing members pay a membership fee of €250,-.
  • Payment. Registration and/or membership fees are to be paid upon getting an invoice.

By submitting this registration form, I confirm that I have read, and agree with, the Statutes and House Rules of the EFLE-Association and that I agree with the above conditions.

is registering as a member of EFLE-Association.