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EFLE Research project: Future Competencies for Logisticians

During several EFLE meeting future competencies for logisticians were on the (formal and informal) agenda.

In 2014 (Emmen) colleague Kees Elbers introduced us to new developments concerning the logistics curriculum (based on future requirements for logisticians) and started a discussion in our forum about this issue.

A group of EFLE members (Daniela Tanhua, Burkhard Schmager, Nick Hubbard, Anne- Chantal Drain, Karen Van Bastelaere, Lene Buhl, and Jan Jansen) developed during the last 5 EFLE meetings (2015: Madrid, 2016: Hasselt, 2017: Besancon-Vesoul, and 2018: Rotterdam) a project called “Future Competencies for Logisticians”.

Now a pilot group started: SAMK, HOGENT and HAN with three students (Ha, Lisa and Lin). The students are studying logistics at SAMK, HOGENT and HAN and they are going to use this research for their graduation projects.

Daniela Tanhua organizes monthly meetings via WebEx (and the meetings are recorded on our project Dropbox) to discuss with Karen Van Bastelaere, Nienke Hofstra and Jan Jansen the progress of the pilot. Sometimes Lene Buhl, Nick Hubbard, Anne-Chantal Drain and Burkhard Schmager join as well the meeting.

Based on a literature review (with many thanks to Nick Hubbard, Stef Weijers, Dennis Moeke, Burkhard Schmager and Nienke Hofstra) the three students are now developing two matters:

  • Semi-structured interview (qualitative research in 5 – 10 companies in each country)
  • Questionnaire (Quantitative research in 50 – 100 companies in each country)

Our goal is to carry out the research in April and May and to present the first results in our annual meeting 2019: Copenhagen.

It would be great to continue this pilot in 2019/2020 and to present them in our annual meeting 2020: Breda

Based on the research outcomes we are intending to publish the results in a (peer reviewed) magazine in 2019 and 2020.