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Survey Educational games in Logistics and SCM

Survey for research regarding Educational games in Logistics and SCM

Dear EFLE members,

Educational games as a simulation of real-world scenarios play an
important role in business, economics and management studies in higher
education as well as in companies.

We would like to understand the values of these educational games in the
fields of supply chain and logistics management through an in-depth
review, classification and analysis of their value propositions.Read More »Survey Educational games in Logistics and SCM

Global Student Challenge


The Global Student Challenge, powered by the Supply Chain Finance Community has been launched for the 3rd year in a row.

Why is this a great opportunity for your students?

Students get the opportunity to experience a professional tool, The Cool Connection, and learn how to manage their own supply chain. The best performers worldwide will win a trip to the Netherlands and a total of €20,000 in cash prizes!

The Challenge is aimed at Read More »Global Student Challenge