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About us

We aim to

enhance international awareness and knowledge sharing amongst teachers, researchers, administration and students of educational institutions in the field of Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain Management. We support curriculum development at member institutions within the European framework of learning. The association offers the possibility to establish international cooperation projects for joint in-class but also on-line learning between international learning groups of different institutions.


We provide a platform for collaborative research in the field of Logistics, Transport, Digital Science and Supply Chain Management. The member institutions are encouraged to engage in joint research funding proposals with the European Union and other possible funding organizations.


We enable the sharing of best practices in teaching; including learning environment development, teaching material, pedagogical and didactical solutions.


We enhance the international awareness of students. The member institutions provide international learning ventures as part of their curriculum. The students have the opportunity to strengthen their intercultural communication, problem solving, team working and collaborative research skills within international teams in-class and on-line.

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