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Summer schools

Summer schools

1. Chelyabinsk State University

o Course: Doing Business  in Russia [pdf]

o  Period:  July 2012

o Place: Chelyabinsk, Russia

o Website: http://www.csu.ru/eng/main.asp?method=GetPage&p=7&redir=12

o Contact person: Mrs Olga Yaroshenko

o E-mail: onyarosh@csu.ru



2. Arnhem Business School, HAN University of Applied Sciences

o Course: Doing Business In Europe

o Period:

- Session 1: 2 - 22 June 2012;

- Session 2: 23 June - 13 July 2012

o Place: Arnhem, The Netherlands

o Website: http://www.han.nl/opleidingen/summer-course/doing-business-in-europe/#comp000048bfd728000000108a366c

o Contact person: Mrs Ingrid Lecoutre

o E-mail: Ingrid.lecoultre@han.nl